Birthday at work

In most companies, it is customary to celebrate the birthdays of employees and colleagues. Very often, a birthday falls on a working day, so you have to celebrate it surrounded by colleagues.
To organize a holiday, or not — what to decide?

When you decide whether to organize your birthday celebration in the office or not, you must take into account the unwritten rules of the company you work for.

If you have been working in your company for a long time, then it will not be difficult to determine how to spend holidays here — you just need to watch the birthday people. But if You got a job recently, and Your birthday is just around the corner, you need to conduct a survey among colleagues, try to find out from them what rules prevail in their team. Be that as it may, a noisy party for a new employee should not be rolled up — the bosses may decide that You do not deserve it yet.

How to celebrate a Birthday with colleagues?

Celebrating a birthday in the office is a great opportunity to establish relationships with colleagues in an informal setting. And to make the celebration a success, we will give you some useful tips:

  1. It is best to plan a holiday outside of business hours, so You do not risk causing dissatisfaction with the authorities. If you organize small gatherings with tea, they can be held during the lunch break. And if you plan to arrange a buffet with alcoholic beverages, then it is better to hold such an event after the end of the working day. In some offices, there are very strict rules, in this case, the holiday is better to move to the nearest cafe. But if your budget does not allow you to pay for everyone, then discuss this nuance with your colleagues in advance;
  2. It is not necessary to arrange a surprise holiday, because Your colleagues may be very busy with work during the day, in the evening everyone will quickly go home, and You will be left to celebrate alone. So let your colleagues know about your plans in advance;
  3. Standard menu for the buffet: bread, sliced, sweet and fruit. You can buy sparkling water and juices. Bring alcohol only if you are sure that it is appropriate in this group. If you cook well, please your colleagues with your own pastries;
  4. To make the consequences of the holiday easier to clean up, you need to buy disposable dishes and napkins. Remember that a clean office after the celebration is completely Your concern;
  5. The number of guests depends on the size of Your company. If it employs up to 10 people, then you can invite everyone, and if more – limit your Department, office, or people with whom You work closely;
  6. A question that worries many: "Do I need to invite my superiors?". Yes. In any case, you need to warn the head of the upcoming celebration, ask his permission. In such a situation, it is simply not nice to invite him. But this is not the fact that he will attend your event, subordination is still;
  7. Even if Your celebration has gradually turned into a friendly get-together, you should not start discussing your superiors or start talking about personal topics. After all, these are not your close friends, but just colleagues. Don't forget that everything you say can be used against You. The best topics for conversation are work questions, funny situations in office life, and General topics (art, sports, politics, etc.).

Whether or not to celebrate a birthday is a personal matter. First of all, a person does this for himself, so it is not necessary to blindly inherit other people's traditions.

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