Cake Evening Moscow

(Article number:5013)
Cake Evening Moscow
Article number:5013
Weight: 0.90кг

Цена: 2 500.00 р.

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KONDITERSKAYA Fabrika Resurs-m Brand: KONDITERSKAYA Fabrika Resurs-m
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2 500.00 р.
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Description Cake Evening Moscow

Quality and tasty products

All our products are made of natural ingredients, have Certificates and certificates of quality, meet the hygienic requirements of safety and nutritional value of food products. Sanitary and epidemiological rules and regulations of SanPiN are strictly observed in the production. We value our customers, so we offer you quality and delicious products.

If for some reason you do not have time to make an order in advance for a cake for the New year, we are ready to offer you to purchase one of the serial cakes, which we are ready to deliver to You within six hours after confirmation by the Manager of your application.

If you need help in choosing a cake for the New year, ordering or any other questions, please contact us by phone +7 (952) 026-80-54. or email: we will definitely

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Specification Cake Evening Moscow

Energy value (kcal/100 g)): Зависит от состава
Storage conditions: от 2°С до 6°С
到期日期: 74 часа
Product Details
Article number: 5013
Weight 0.90кг

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