Cake eating memo

  1. Store the finished cake in the refrigerator.
  2. Before using the cake, you must first remove all inedible parts, if they are present on the cake (we warn about them before giving the cake and directly when discussing the order).
  3. Flower bouquets and compositions may have inedible stamens and confectionery non-toxic wire. If your children will there is jewelry, spying on to they this did under supervision adults camping on K. for flowers and figures are used inedible bamboo wand, wires, toothpicks. Don't let non-edible items to the children. Be careful that it does not overshadow Your holiday!
  4. For multi-tiered cakes: the upper tiers of the cake must be removed (each tier is attached to its substrate). Tubes for fastening tiers to remove (they are not edible). 
  5. Do not use the remaining cake for the third or more days and, moreover, do not give such a cake to children (natural products without preservatives are used in the manufacture, and have a limited shelf life). 
  6. Sugar mastic to cover the cake-edible beautiful packaging and you can eat it, but not necessarily. It is easily removed from the piece. Appreciate the taste of the filling. 
  7. For lovers of bright, sometimes acidic colors. To get a bright color requires the use of a lot of dye, you should take this into account and understand, especially when choosing children's cakes. The modern level of development of food production provides confectioners with natural and absolutely harmless food dyes, but they do not cease to be dyes.
  8. Do not forget to warn the pastry chef about what the child is allergic to (if any). If the cake is planned for a celebration where your child's friends will be, ask the parents of the children who are invited to the holiday if they have allergies or any other problems with certain products. Unfortunately, allergies can be to the most common and everyday product that is often used in the preparation and decoration of cakes: chocolate, citrus fruits, fruits or berries. It is necessary to warn the confectioner about this.