Information for copyright holders

If you are the owner of the exclusive property rights to the information (product) located on the site and if you do not want it to continue to be freely available, we are ready to remove this material, as well as to discuss the terms of providing this content to our users.

- exclusive right to reproduce;
- exclusive right to distribute;
- exclusive right to public display;
- exclusive right to communicate to the public

Your rights are violated in one way or another on the pages of our site, you need to send us an e-mail: with confirmation of your rights to the material, copyrighted (a scanned document with a stamp, or other information that uniquely identifies you as the copyright holder of this material).

Contents of the letter:

1.Information (product) data:
1.1. The name is Russian and English (if there is an English version).
1.2. Official page on the Internet page or the source.

2. Data on the rightholder:
2.1. Full name of the legal entity.
2.2. Postal address. (In the event of a discrepancy between the legal and postal address – required the legal address).
2.3. The website of the copyright holder on the Internet.
2.4. License for the right of activity (if such activity is licensed in accordance with the procedure established by law).
2.5. Contact person of the rightholder (name, position, contact information).

3. Data of the person submitting the letter.
3.1. Surname Name Patronymic.
3.2. Post.
3.3. Phone number.
3.4. E-mail.
3.5. A copy of the power of attorney to act on behalf of the Rightholder (not required, if the person filing the complaint-the head of the company Right holder).

If the complaint is filed not by the copyright holder, but by his authorized representative by power of attorney-a legal entity, should provide a copy of the power of attorney for the actions of an individual on behalf of the company authorized by the power of attorney of the right Holder (not required in if the person filing the complaint is the head of the company representative's).

4. These claims.
4.1. Site page address which contains information (product) that violates rights.
4.2. A detailed description of the essence of the violation of rights (the reasons for which the Right holder prohibits the dissemination of this information).

5. Subscription on the legality of actions (filled in by hand and sent to scanned version). Mandatory for every complaint.

" I, (Name) acting on behalf of (Legal name of the right holder) on on the basis of the power of attorney (data of the power of attorney) I testify that all data specified in this address are correct, (Name of the person right holder) - is the owner of exclusive property rights rights including:

– exclusive right to reproduce;
– exclusive right of distribution;
– exclusive right to public display;
– exclusive right to making available to the public.

All the above rights apply on the territory of the Russian Federation, all questions, related to the payment of remuneration to the authors of the work settled The Right holder is not aware of the claims of third parties, in with respect to these rights.

In case of claims to resource by third parties associated with the violation of their rights (including consumer rights) with respect to remote/blocked information (product) (provide a link to the information page) on, the right Holder shall take all necessary measures to settlement of claims, as well as possible disputes, including judicial. The right holder undertakes to settle claims, claims, or claims of third parties, as well as fully reimburse the resource expenses and losses (including loss of profits, the services of a lawyer, etc.), related to compensation claims, claims, claims of third parties for violation of their rights, as well as other claims related to illegal or erroneous blocking or deletion of information (product) at the request of the right Holder."

"The Signature. Date "

After receiving Your message, with correctly and maximally filled information, Your letter will necessarily be considered and the contact details specified in the letter, within 5 (five) working days, a response will be sent on the results of the actions taken, regarding alleged violations of exclusive rights. According to the current norms of the legislation of the Russian Federation the Administration is ready to consider controversial issues in the framework of pre-judicial (claim or other) order settlements.

It is possible to Send a complaint by E-mail: < span style= "font-weight: bold;" >

Note: The site administration does not control the actions of users who may post information that is the object of Your exclusive right. Any information in the feedback block on the site is placed by the user alone, without any control from anyone else parties, which corresponds to the generally accepted world practice. information on the Internet. However, we will in any case consider all your request for infringing information Your right.