Give your mother memories for her birthday! give your mother a delicious cake

Mom's birthday is a wonderful holiday in honor of the most important person in the world. Love and gratitude to my mother cannot be expressed in words, they will always be insufficient, but on this special day it is definitely worth trying! Say warm words to your mothers, hug them and kiss them, and "Cakes Online" will help with the gift.

We will make the most delicious cake and decorate it with your family photo, make an inscription on the cake to make the cake look solemn and bright, colorful, add fresh berries and fruits. We will deliver the cake to your mother on this festive and bright day. She will be delighted, because the greatest joy for a mother is to know and see that her children love her!

How to place an order for a cake

  • Choose a cake in our catalog
  • In the product card, select the weight and filling of the future cake. The cost depends on it.
  • If desired, add a gift box.
  • Fill in the text field, upload a photo, if you want to put an inscription or print an image, for example, " My favorite mom happy Birthday"
  • In the shopping cart, fill out the delivery form and form an order.
  • Make a prepayment of 20% of the order price in a convenient way for you.

The day before the scheduled date, we will make a cake, and on the day of the celebration, we will deliver the cake to your mother. And let every mother be happy!

High-quality and delicious products

All our products are made from natural ingredients, have Certificates and certificates of quality, meet the hygienic requirements of safety and nutritional value of food products. The sanitary and epidemiological rules and regulations of the SanPiN are strictly observed at the production site. We value our customers, so we offer you high-quality and delicious products.

What kind of cake to choose for mom?

In our catalog, we have collected more than 200 ready-made cakes so that you can choose a cake for your mother.

Which cake to choose? a pie or a set of cakes?

In our catalog, we have collected more than 200 ready-made cakes and pastries so that you can choose cakes and pastries that will appeal to your mother. Whatever cake and pie you choose, you can be sure that it is made from natural products, it is fresh and very tasty.

Catalog of cakes to order

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